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How does reset chains work?

I don’t understand how the quick method for resetting the chains is supposed to work. If the default extend value left the sprockets at 0 then it would make sense but mine don’t line up after extension. Is there some configuration value I need to adjust in webcontrol?

there is a chain length value in ebcontrol (default 1651mm, was 1650 in early

the idea is that you set a sprocket tooth to be straight up, and then hang the
correct link on that tooth so that the distance from there to the end of the
chain is this distance (I marked my chains incorrectly and so manually changed
this distance to match my marks rather than re-mark them)

after you hit the buttom in WC, it tells the firmware that the chains are
extended to this distance, and things continue from there.

There is a slight bug here in that this does not take into account chain
sag/stretch, so there is some error introduced when you do this, but for most
people it’s not significant.

During the full calibration process, there is a point where it has fed out
1651mm of chain on each side. That is when you should pause and mark your chains
(and you can see if the sprocket tooth is really stright up or not, and therefor
how much error you will be introducing). After this point, you ‘move to home’

David Lang

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