Webcontrol simplification request

The ‘set sprockets’ screen on webcontrol is significantly better than groundcontrol (where you have to go multiple places to set the sprockets and set the chain length) but it’s got a lot of stuff on it that isn’t absolutly needed and is confusing to new users.

I think the screen should be simplified to the sprocket setttings, the manually set chain length button (and I would rename that to something like 'marked links are at 12 o’clock) and the close button. I would add text explaining how to do the reset.

I’m not sure what automatic does

set zero doesn’t do anything useful, after the machine is built, you are pretty much never going to have the loose end of the chain to put at zero
extending the chains isn’t really useful,

This screen is used to initially set your chains as well as reset them. Therefore, the ‘Extend Left to xxxx mm’, ‘Extend Right to xxxx mm’, and ‘Define Zero’ is needed. However, I don’t mind having two actions, one called ‘Set Chains’ (or something better) and a second called ‘Reset Chains’. Set Chains could have the define zero and extend buttons and Reset Chains wouldn’t but would have the ‘Marked Links Are at 12 o’clock’. We could even include a note on the Set Chains to tell the user to mark the top tooth… and a note on the Reset Chains telling the user to rotate the sprockets so the marked tooth is at 12 o’clock.

The ‘Automatic’ is something from ground control… it rotates the sprocket so a tooth is vertical but assumes the sled hasn’t lost the chain lengths… I’ve not really found it useful, but it was in gc so I included it.

Sound good?

And, before you respond, I keep thinking that we need to mark the tooth and link, but that’s not really needed… so the notes would be to mark the top link for Set Chains and place the marked link on the vertical sprocket for Reset Chains…

Ok, I remember now. If the system hasn’t lost it’s position, but you are way out
of position, automatic would get it so that some tooth is vertical and you
could just move the chains.

good idea in theory, but I don’t think we were remembering how heavy the sled is
and how hard it is to move the chains, so this is a very low value in terms of
usefulness, and doesn’t do what people would expect it to do, so I would say we
should remove it.

David Lang