How to Avoid Chain Wrapping?

So I have my temporary frame built, and have been cutting out the permanent frame for the Maslow. Unfortunately, about 75% of the way through the cut, the chain on the right motor got wrapped around itself and burned out the motor shield (now R and Z motors fail the motor test).

I had been having trouble with the chain getting wrapped around the sprocket, it seems to be caused partially by the nylon chain guide that comes with it not keeping it in line with the motor horizontally.

I’m thinking of building this chain guide to replace it while my next motor shield comes in. Easy chain guide for chain skip

What are some other ways to avoid the chain wrapping around the sprocket? I really don’t want this to happen again, and I was having quite a bit of trouble keeping the chain from wrapping even during calibration. Would more chain oil help? Better tensioner? Just not really sure how to avoid this issue, as it seems to keep happening a ton to me. I haven’t gotten the permanent frame cut out yet :slight_smile:

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The plywood chain guide is an excellent solution. Certainly something to make the chain feed straight onto the sprocket is the answer. I didn’t have any ply of the right thickness, but I had some 3/8" PEX tubing. I cut a short piece, split it and slipped it onto the other. It will serve until I have the materials and time to do the right thing :smile:.

I did this a long time ago and keep forgetting to share it. It is just a fender washer. I put a hex nut under it as a spacer. I also put the fender washer over a large hole and tightened down the nut to bend it into a bit of a conical shape.