How to swap out arduino

As part of troubleshooting a problem that I’m having with my maslow, I’d like to swap my arduino mega for a different one, but I’m having some trouble. I searched for instructions how to do this, but I couldn’t find any, so I’m winging it.

Here’s what I tried:

“Backup Webcontrol”
Power everything down
Swap out arduino
Power up
“Restore Webcontrol” (probably not necessary?)
“Sync Settings”
“Reset Chains”

After this, I moved the sled to a known position. The problem is that the sled was off about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from where I expected it to be.

I then swapped back to the first arduino and moved the sled and it was exactly where I expected it.

Seems like some or all of the calibration data are not being sent to the new arduino. Did I do something wrong? Did I miss a step? Or does swapping the arduino always require a re-calibration?

One thing that seemed suspicious is that I got no response/output/confirmation after I selected “Sync Settings”. I’m not sure if that’s to be expected.



above thread says to erase arduino, to force it to update?