.ini file complete save?

Just want to double check before I tweak settings. Does the ini file contain ALL the settings and if I change settings including running triangular calibrations will everything revert if I decide to restore a backed up ini file? Are none of the settings retained on the arduino?
Just want to check before I change anything, my settings are the best they’ve been so far so I’d rather leave them if theres a risk of making wrong changes… but we are tinkerers after all. lol

Yes, all settings are in the .ini file, but some also get saved in the eeprom on
the arduino. There have been times where those settings needed to be erased to
get the arduino to accept the configs from the .ini file again.

so back it up and keep testing, but be aware that there is a remote chance that
you will have to do a little more work than just restoring the file to get
everything back to where it is.

David Lang

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@dlang is right that the Arduino will keep a copy of the settings but they are updated from the .ini file when the machine connects.

The .in file contains all the settings you want to back up

So if I erase eeprom then restore ini im good?


Awsome! thank you guys.