Huge Fortnite Sign

Created a Fortnite Sign for my sons room. I added it to the Community Garden. This is my first large project with my Maslow and the first time ive loaded anything into GitHub! It was fun but of course i didnt realize i could use HTML (web developer) and spent a bunch of time figuring out Markdown and then found out i could have just coded html, so bare with me on any issues or formatting!!! Theres a link to the timelapse of me creating it as well!!!


That is cool! I’m sure your kid loved it as I know my boys would. Might have to make one for my boys so thanks for sharing in the garden.

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If your son starts sharing it, you will end up making signs for all his friends :grin:
The details are just fabulous. Can’t wait making things like this one.


Thanks for sharing your files and project @Embo_Marruk

some how our son managed to fall out of his loft bed a week or so ago! So i made your sign into a bed rail :grin::grin: he loves it!!


This is awesome!!! Great idea!!!

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