I’m going to really need no judgement for this one…

I’ve got everything calibrated. I have a file ready to cut (or at least try). I have bits for the router.

  1. Can someone please let me know the best way to put the bit in?

I know how to use a trim router, I’ve just never done it in a Maslow.

  1. What speed should I set the router to?

  2. How do I know it’s the proper depth?

Thank you very much for the help.

Changing bits:
There is a 3d printable “plug” on the not-store that will allow you to raise the Z axis, insert it in the semicircle between the maslow router clamp and the router, which pushes down on the button locking the collet. then you just use a wrench to loosen /tighten, then pull the plug back out and re-set your Z home by lowering the bit until it touches the workpiece, then set “z home” and load up and cut the gcode.

“Feeds and speeds”:
That will depend on your material, what feed speed you are using in your gcode, etc. There are a lot of good and very deep articles on how to set “feeds and speeds” on CNC machines that I’ll let you dive into. Basically what you are after with a router is chips vs sawdust (unless you are routing mdf then its all sawdust, lol). I’ll let others chime in on how they determine feed/speed; I’m by no means any kind of expert there…


Instead of bothering with the plug, I just shoved a stubby flat head in there.

I was then able to loosen the collet slightly with a wrench, then by hand. I just took it completely off the router, put the bit in, and then finger tightened it and secured it with the wrench.

Stubby flat head stayed in place the whole time.

It’s a good idea to set z home before every cut.

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