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I just found out about the Maslow last night and have been devouring what information I can all day at work today (yep no work has been done today lol). So, this has probably been answered or either it’s just really obvious and I’m completely missing it lol.

But, assuming you don’t have the Z-Axis kit (which I’m probably going to get if I order a Maslow but I still want to know), how do you actually plunge the router to start the cut? Does the program move to the first point and then pause telling you to manually plunge the router and then when you respond that you have done so, it proceed with the cut?

I have a small CNC machine now that only does 12" x 12" max size and have been wanting a bigger one for a while. This Maslow design looks amazing for the cost and size it’s capable of doing.



@Steven_Hickerson Welcome to our group. You are correct without a Z axis it will prompt you for each pass to make a manual adjustment. I’d get the z axis kit. I in fact have.

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I cannot more strongly recommend getting the Maslow with a Z-Axis kit unless you intend to build your own Z-Axis or have to use a router that’s not compatible with the kit. It’s inconceivable (as Vizzini would say) to do anything with the Maslow without Z-Axis automated. But, as @bee said, you are correct.

Thanks for the replies!

I will most likely get it, it was part a question of curiosity, but some consideration to not spending the $60 on it with plan to build a different z-axis system. I’ve got lot’s of v-slot rails and wheels as well as a few steppers laying around, I could probably rig up a different z-axis pretty easily. In my reading today I saw some mention of the z-axis system being slow and causing wood burning and such. Those are mostly the only reasons I’d consider not getting it. Then using manual z-axis movement until I can get a different z-axis system built. I haven’t looked at the Maslow control code to see how easy it would be to modify to work with a stepper based z-axis though.

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For inspiration on different Z-axis take a look at The Meticulous Z-Axis and the Tom_v’s build.
Altering the code for steppers is not worth the effort in my opinion. You can get a faster Z with the above mentioned builds by changing the ratio of the belt gears. I haven’t heard of or experienced wood burning due to slow Z though.
The reason for me to alter Z and replace my to heavy and to high router is, that I hope to get a better balanced sled by keeping it as flat as possible and the weight as close to the sheet as possible.
Here a glance on what I will build (as soon as cash) with a spindle:

it’s also unsafe (see the ‘started a fire with my maslow’ for what happens if
the router is left running while in contact with the wood

David Lang

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