I need a new sled ring

Where can i find a new sled ring?

Hm, it’s listed as N/A in the BOM. DIY?
I started with @dlang ‘s metal linkage and it does well.
The market page also has this one that I have heard good things about: http://maslowcommunitygarden.org/Maslow-triangulation-linkage-kit.html

If you’d rather the original ring you might have some luck talking with Nathan directly. I know their shop shows sold out, but you never know.


Yikes that’s expensive. I had no idea. I would switch to linkage.

FWIW, I think we have some consensus that a linkage can/should be better than the ring, although comparison testing hasn’t really been done.

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It looks like the ring alone is listed higher than an entire sled kit.

I’d still recommend making contact with the store owner directly before bailing of you want one; I’ve got a feeling prices on “sold out” listings may be in accurate.

I sent an email earlier this week but never got a response.

Send us an email at info@makermadecnc.com

We have replacement parts available.


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I did via the contact form and never heard back. Just sent an email

How do I reach Nathan?

DM sent

For future record, now available here: Complete Ring Kit