Inept to a degree and need help, will pay!

I don’t know about you but for me translation of an idea from paper to computer is my issue.

Do we have a section like fiver? Would anyone be interested in taking plans and digitizing them so that we can add them to the garden?

I want to try making a SeaFlea of some description this winter… Just got a 1967 9.5hp evinrude hehe.

Maslow seems ideal for such a tiny boat where a couple mm variance isn’t the end of the world with epoxy and copper stitches.

Anyway let me know!


I could try, send me the photos or diagrams or what you have.

How big is the paper? :slight_smile:
Regular desk-top scanner have lens as well and don’t scan from edge to edge. The software compenstes that to a certain degree.
For photography, if you know your lens, photo editing programs offer compensation for lens correction.
The first step would be to find a company to digitize the drawings at correct scale.

Small size plans are available at:

There are a lot of different models.

They also sell full size plans.

These appear to have originally been published in “Science and Mechoanics” magazine.

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Ok, was hoping for blueprints :joy:
For the PDF Files my workflow would be as follows (not saying I’m doing it, just suggesting one possible way):

  • import the PDF into Gimp
  • cut out the parts needed
  • roughly scale
  • save as PNG
  • import the picture in FreeCAD as image
  • draw 1 horizontal and 1 vertical reference line matching 2 dimensions in the picture
  • scale the picture in FreeCAD so the dimensions match the reference lines
  • construct the part in a sketch in FreeCAD over the drawing
  • pad the sketch to the thickness of your material
  • create the g-code
  • same for all parts
  • cut the parts

OK, sound to easy, right? This is a project for someone with allot of time and loooong winter nights.

The quality of the plans is not good enough to use the ‘trace bitmap’ function in Inkscape, plus the plans look badly scanned, plus .svg to g-code has some precision issues.

For other CAD/CAM programs like Fusion360 the process is perhaps similar to the one in FreeCAD.

Good luck, kind regards, Gero

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Sounds like you need translation from picture to svg so gcode can be generated. This is a trace operation. Can you post what you want done?

@Jon What of the 20 boats on the page you linked is your favourite?

one could just draw the plans from scratch as well the main parts seem pretty easy to draw, mostly straight lines with some radius, nothing too complicated.

Wow thanks guys! I’m doing a chronic pain online virtual course thing through McGill during the days so I didn’t check back as soon as I should.

I would like to make another one of the I’ve I just found on Kijiji so I can stack them in the truck with a blanket between our something! Lol

Minimax seems to be about right fit my crippled arse and 11 year old to be able to manage. Does at least 65km hr with her on the bow to offset the fuel motor and me (or I can scoot forward on my knee pads). Poor man seadoo!

I made a small polycarbonate addition I’m hoping to try this weekend that would also be a great Maslow item (Polycarbonate, bit of heat from a torch).

Trying to distract myself with fun and low impact projects lol.

In my mind I would like to attempt to make a version that had puzzle joints for the top and bottom instead of screws bit not sure how realistic that is… The other thing I thought would be interesting, making a foam version and trying my hand at laying up carbon fiber so the boat would be less than half the weight it is now. This one has a lot of fiberglass and epoxy over the entire thing. Very stiff but likely 40lbs heavier than needed! 65lbs would be the goal :slight_smile:

Many great ideas but not there yet with the computer design side. I wish there was an optical character recognition scan in system so I could draw and just correct dimensions in the drafting program after.