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Looking for CAM support

I unfortunately just don’t have the time to learn how to program and debug Fusion360 to gcode and could use some support. Is there anyone out there that can help on a per project / per hour basis to get our drawings ready to run through our machine?

We are trying to use our Maslow for the business to do some signage cutouts for weddings and events. Generally our needs are fairly simple - national park-like signs, large san-serif letter cutouts, monograms, and full size panels with a repeating image cut out - but i want to see if I can use this machine reliably. In general we are using 1/2" - 3/4" plywood/foamcore/gator foam. I’ve done some basic calibration, but beyond that haven’t been able to load anything in to fully test it.

Anyone out there looking for some side money??

I don’t have a lot of extra time but I might be interested in looking at it and see if I can help. Do you have drawings or just ideas?

Sorry - some clarifying items:

I’m using the metal Maslow and I am hoping I can provide our design files straight from SVG files that my designers output from AI

AI? That sounds interesting. Can you tell us anything more?

I think he means Adobe Illustrator. Not machine learning AI. :slight_smile:


HA! yes, thank you for that. we are just lowly humans that serve at the happiness of the machines.

Long live the machines!

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If all you are looking to do is signage, and your designers are pumping out the svg files for you, try looking into Easel or Esltcam. It is super simple to use (not anything like trying to figure out F360), and as far as I know, both allow you to just drop in the svg, and then select what cutting operations you want, export the gcode, load to GC/WC/Makerverse and off you go! Both do have a cost (you can get upgraded to Easel Pro if you are in the education field teacher or student for free) and Estlcam was $60 the last I looked at it. Just an option to look at, particularly if you, again, are only looking at making signs.

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Carbide Create by Carbide3D would work as well, without Easel’s nickel and dimeing. CC’s more of a traditional CAD/CAM interface, Easel’s web based.

FWIW I usually use estlcam for more complicated v carve and 3D projects, CC for quick simple v carves and 2.5D work

Do you have a sample svg file you can share?