Info on Brushless DC Motors vs. Servo Motors vs. Inverters

A nice explanation of different motors.
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I asked before about using brushless motors and the shield doesn’t support them, same thing with servo motors.

Brushless Motors are quite a bit more complex to control, doing three with an Arduino Mega is probably not a good match.

The maslow is effectively using servo motors, they are motors with feedback as
to where they are, adjusted in a closed loop by the firmware.

The current system doesn’t support brushless motors, but odrive is a project
that does (and supports very high power motors). That would be something to look
at for a much faster moving system.

But there are a lot of other things needed before scaling the project up like
that. Acceleration planning and figuring out the accuracy issues are big ones
(and what is the acceleration going to do to chain sag?)

David Lang

you would still need to go through a gearbox

the cheapest BLDC motors are designed for quadcopters, so they are very high
speed, low voltage, and very high current.

a 2-stage cyclodial gearbox would deal with the speed issue quite nicely

But the high current needs are a problem. If we could easily get higher voltage
with lower current requirements it would be much easier to power.

David Lang