Initial Setup Experience

Hey folks - finally got my Maslow4 built and have some observations on my initial setup experience.

First, I read up on most of the issues folks were having and that helped -
Firmware - first two tries at updating to 0.68 failed. Unclear if the first was due to my VPN trying to connect and failing through Maslow’s wifi connection. After a power on/off cycle and reconnecting - the second failure Maslow said it didn’t have enough storage space for the .bin I downloaded. I updated the yaml and index files. It showed 90% memory use. I then re-tried the firmware update and it worked. Unsure if they are connected or if I just needed to try a few times.

Next, I moved on to setup, I don’t have my frame built yet, but want to make sure my machine works. Is this a good place to start? I didn’t mess wiht the .yaml yet. Rather, wanted to get used to what needs to happen every time I turn the Maslow 4 on. I started with the Z-axis. It works! Then it wouldn’t stop, it isn’t a hold until done, it tracks each time you push the button. I used my emergency stop button for the first time.

Turn back on - reconnect - used to z-axis motion. On to the arms and cables. Started with extend all - they are really stiff when you just pull out, but if I have some slack (of course I do at this point) push it in a bit and then the cables are much easier to pull out. All 4 pay out - so I built it right. Then went to retract all. The upper left and lower left retract a bit and then stop. Feels like it powered down. I changed the current threshold up and down and it didn’t seem to do anything. I got the upper left to retract all the way, but the other three didn’t do anything. I experimented with plugging and unplugging motors and ethernet cables - so I see how they are logged now, but still no help. They all stopped working, then the left side payed in just a bit. At this point the cables are getting long as I keep pulling out a bit to make sure that they are still working at each step. Frustrated, I turned it off and walked away for 30 min. After coming back changed the current threshold to 1800 and nothing, resaved and cycled power and the next time -bang all 4 payed all the way in. There is a step missing after changing the current threshold for it to take effect that I somehow lucked into. I expect that earlier it was stuck at a lower threshold.

It is quite a handful to cable manage all 4 at the same time. After retracting, released tension and called it a night. Going to do some more experimenting tonight with current limit again as the boys want to watch our robot work.

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That’s great feedback. I would expect it to take effect right away, but I am not totally sure about that and I will investigate!

Much more consistent behavior this evening. < no rage quits :wink: >

Last night’s issue may have been user error - appreciate you checking.

Noticed that Maslow4 requires retract all before extend all - makes sense I guess. Must have tried that first last night.

This evening I turned the current threshold to 1600 and all 4 retracted, then set to 1500 and only the left two retracted. After a few more cycles it will pull them in at 1500, but if I’m firm when keeping then the right lower will stall before completion. I feel like setting the current as low as possible will reduce some wear on the system over time.

Lesson for this evening is I don’t like how hard I have to pull to get a full retracted Maslow 4 to extend. 3-4 release tension (I think that’s the button name) and I have a bit of slack and can push the cable in enough to engage the motor and don’t have to use any force on at all to pull it out. So win there. Could release tension a few times work as a first step when one selects extend all? Or does that cause other problems I’m not yet aware of?

I also noticed that the cables droop below the arm when they are not kept during multiple cycles of release tension and retract all. I can also pull a few inches of cable out when I release tension and pull on one. I notice similar droop when extending all a short amount and the cable spool is beyond the arm outer diameter - almost like it keeps extending just a hair past where I stop - that adds to slop.

Has been good getting to know the machine itself before worrying about anything else. Thinking I’m ready to move to calibration

I have investigated and you are 100% correct. That was a bug and it is now fixed in next week’s release. Thank you for catching that!

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