Is the Monthly Newsletter Still Interesting

I am about to write the newsletter for this month and it feels a little silly because I don’t have any big news to report. I am still working on my CAD program, but still at least a month away from being ready for a beta. MakerMade is still doing a great job of shipping kits, and there are a few interesting projects to show off.

Basically it’s starting to feel like I’m writing spam and the open rate is much lower than before.

How do we feel about switching to a newsletter which comes out when there is news worth writing about, like when my CAD program is ready for beta testing, or if there is a significant design change to Maslow or the software? That way we can have a newsletter more often when we need it, and not spam folks when they don’t need to know anything new.


I wouldn’t push on a newsletter before there are annoucements valuable for the community.


there is also the new calibration system in the works, it sounds like the
testing is going well there and it could possibly use more testers.

remember, the last newsletter came out during the holidays, when people are busy
with other things.

David Lang


Plus Snowpocolypse ! People are busy with other things. My suggestion is Bi-Monthly at least.

Just my 2 Cents

Thank you


For a regular Forum reader the Newsletter has nothing new, except the instagrX and faceboX projects from splinter groups, that I would not get to see otherwise.
I could not agree more with @dlang that there is exiting news that deserves to be carried beyond the Forum.
How much do we know about the dark side of the moon? How much are there, that don’t feel like interacting, but are loyal readers?
I can tell that being mentioned in a Newsletter can turn a shaking head into getting a “yes darling, you can go to the workshop”. A simple mention can have for some the powers to feel proud and if it can buy workshop time it needs to stay alive.
The Newsletter is Informational, Inspirational, Motivational.
The hardware is supplied, the spirit comes from the Guru/Master/Overlord :wink:
I cheers :beers: on @bee ‘s Bi-Monthly at least.

Cheers, Gero


I definitely expect to have news to share soon :slight_smile:


I like it seeing all the new projects. I try to keep up with the forum but there always seems to be one or two projects I didn’t see and it’s nice to see them all consolidated.

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