A wiki e-newsletter?

So we’re getting up to the time for the newsletter to come out. We took last month off because to avoid sending people too many emails, but this month it feels like there is a LOT to write about.

I’ve been generally following along, but I have also been a little bit tucked away in my corner working on the collaborative CAD program (officially called “Maslow Create” :grin: ) now and I’m a little worried that I won’t do justice to all the amazing work that has been going on in the community (new calibration procedures, web ground control, makermade, metal maslow…etc!) so…I had a very Maslow idea.

How would everyone feel about us writing the newsletter collaboratively? I want to protect the privacy of the 7,000 (seven thousand!!!) people who have trusted us with their email addresses so I would still do the final write up and send out the newsletter, but before that I would write it as a wiki page here in the forums to allow more groups to contribute.

It’s a little bit of a quick turn around for this month, but in the future I could give everyone more time to write something. What do people think? Is a collaborative newsletter going to serve the community, or should we stick to the old format?


I think it’s always a good idea to have “council of many” just make sure that you are clear about having the last say. This is just the way I think. I mean, I would hate to see someone who feels that their great contribution wasn’t used but let’s face it, without the wiki idea they never would have had a chance at all. :grinning:
Look at it this way… I may have taken this post in a weird direction already. Aren’t you glad it’s not a part of the newsletter! :rofl:
Also is Maslow Create also CAM?


Yes :grinning:


Totally pumped!:man_dancing:

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Maybe the newsletter could also highlight some major articles posted recently and wrap up the progress acheived in one of the major MaslowCNC Activity Domain (aka “major MAD” ) ?
Some Suggested MADs:

  • New uses (NU)
  • Better or Improved Tool (BIT)
  • Templates entry to Save Time (TEST)
  • Hands on design examples (HODE)

MAD ideas anyone?


Awesome! I am stoked that people are interested in the idea :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Here’s what I am thinking. I will write the newsletter as I would send it out today as a wiki page and leave the wiki page open to changes until the 3rd of March at which point I will give it a final edit and send it out.

What does everyone think?


I’ve created a wiki post here:

Let me know if anyone has trouble editing it :+1: :+1:

@c0depr1sm do you still have news to add?

Maybe the newsletter could include things happening outside the Maslow community, but related in topic. I could see this as a huge source of content.

So, how does this work functionally? @bar broadcasts a primer on the forum. Members send a private message to @bar; the message is to be a newsletter item. @bar, or whoever reviews and modifies it, if necessary, and re-posts it as the official newsletter. Is that correct?

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Some old news might mention that MalsowCNC is good for signs but limited as shown with oval circles. That would now be unfair :thinking: because MaslowCNC has gone through detailed analyses and can now acheive accurate press fit parts! As such, we are now working to make the accuracy available to every maker :slight_smile: .

The newsletter topics I have in mind are about the thorough machine accuracy modeling, technical innovations, better calibration that are making our vision come true. That should be of interest to makers, at least if we can show how the MaslowCNC can be used to achieve precise cuts.

Now for such an event as a MAKER magazine article, I do not yet have that showcase project to share. When I review the images on the forum that could illustrate the challenges and progress, I see nice color graphics, diagrams (warning: some posts are outdated), and even a openclipart image.

But I have not yet finished the furniture design project that launched my MaslowCNC journey.

I don’t know when the newsletter has to be ready for the MAKER submittal, but I will not be available for the next week to work on a contribution (too many things going on at this time). :man_shrugging: