Just Discovered CamLab

Saw this on Reddit this morning, thought it might be useful for our beginner CAM people. I played around with it a little, and it seems pretty straightforward.

To communicate with the Maslow, you can output using generic GRBL. It outputs .nc files, and the GCode is pretty barebones, which should be good for the Maslow. All the interpolation commands are G1’s. There I didn’t see and spindle on/off commands, so those that have setup relays will need to add M3 and M5 commands. We can also probably talk to the developer about adding a Maslow-specific post if there’s enough interest.

You can upload stl, gcode, and nc files to it.

I don’t have the time right now to test it out, but if someone wants to run with it, we could all benefit from an easy-to-use open source CAM program.


just noteing that this is powered by Kiri:Moto, if you use Onshape you can add a
tab for Kiri:Moto and run this directly on your model there.

additional targets can largely be defined directly, but some changes may need to
involve the Kiri:Moto folks

David Lang

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Just a bump for this great tool. I see it was mentioned back in 2018 but it seems to have evolved quite a bit since then: http://camlab.sienci.com/welcome/