Just for the fun of it, multible Maslow software

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Be aware that some of the “settings overwritten” in the [beta-cncjs-makerverse-] (Closed: [Beta] Makerverse (previously known as "CNCjs") Support for **All Maslow Editions** w/ Non-Destructive Edge Calibration) could be related to testing multiple software on the same pc/rpi.
Till date i have no table of what settings are loaded from and written to the EEPROM and what is read from a config file and written back.
Switching the software, not knowing what is read and write has fun results :slight_smile:

Anyhow, just for fun. I have 3 software (in order of appearance) not overwriting my settings any more.

Ground Control

Web Control


Disclaimer: It is Thursday and i get drunk because Fridays i’m off. This has been a terrible rough week, so compensation is going to extremes tonight. Do not believe anything i post from this minute on until 24 h later.