Ledges for Glass to lay on

I am attempting a project that ends up with several holes that I will eventually fill with stained glass. I need to add ledges into the project for the glass to lay on. In maker cam I attempted to copy the whole that will be cut out and scale it down so that it would be a smaller replica sitting just inside the original. My idea was to make the thin space between the original and new, scaled down shape, a “pocket cut”. This would make a ledge for the glass to lay in. The problem is that the scaling doesnt actually shrink each line by the desired percentage, it seems to scale the image as a whole. I hope this is understandable. Is there a better way to add a more precise ledge without just doing my best to “draw it in.” Thanks for the help.

I have not used Maker Cam, but there must be a setting for the bit to cut inside or outside the path. If you did the cut in 2 passes, for example, half the depth outside the path, and the other the rest of the depth inside the path, with a 1/4” bit you would get a 1/4” “ledge”.

Hope this helps.

I’m not sure if it will work, but you could use a bigger tool then you got programmed, or program a smaller tool then you are using. that will give you an offset.

Wouldn’t that be the other way around (assuming I understand what’s desired)? Program for a 1/4-inch inside profile cut that goes down to whatever the thickness you want for the ledge and then program a 1/2-inch inside profile cut that goes all the way through. Just use the 1/4-inch bit for everything and I think it would work. You’d end up with a 1/8-inch ledge I’d think. If you want a bigger ledge, program the through-cut to something bigger.


Thanks for the responses! So far i was able to use inkscape to do a dynamic offset on my plans. This worked well, but the next problem is that i would have to program the ledge to be at least a quarter inch wide because of bit width. I think i am on the right path now, i just need to fool around with these programs more.

What width are you looking for? The method above doesn’t require you to draw any offsets and seems pretty simple (credit to @dag83 for coming up with the idea).

FYI, when running the file, ground control will pause and ask you to change bits (because the code expects a switch to 1/2-inch) but obviously you don’t change the bit, just click continue.

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I think i misunderstood the first read through, i will give this a try this week. Thanks everyone.

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Ok… Post back with your final project if you would… would like to see it.

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Not finished obviously, but shows what im working on. Will set stained glass on this side.

Ooooh, very nice. Definently want the files for this please, i know someone who would love this as a gift.

Couldn’t the tusks be wider, so they can also contain glass.

Are you gonna use acrylic, or actual glass? Actyllic youbcan cut on the Maslow. Someone trying glass might be a good experiment. :slight_smile:

How did you end up cutting the ledges? Did you use an offset or the other suggested method?

I ended up using a mix of both. It wasn’t until yesterday that I actually figured out how to measure a real distance in a program (LOL). I did find out that the ledges are about .14 inches. I just programmed the blade width as .1, made it a pocket cut, then cit through at the edge of the ledge.