Multiple passes in MakerCam

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I saw this thread (Link) but specific to MakerCam: I have this image I am cutting, really just as a test to see how it works (first cut after the sled):


So if I want to do a 1/2 inch bit pass, then a 1/4 inch bit pass, then a 1/8" bit pass, do I do three pocket operations? Or one pocket and 2 profile? (The final operation would be a profile pass on the outer line to cut it free from the plywood.)


I am assuming you are cutting out everything in white.

I would do a pocket with 1/2 in and inside profile with 1/8.

There is a checkbox in the top right to show cuts. If it’s not pink/red then you may need to do a inside profile with 1/4. Sometimes you can get little islands that don’t get touched by the bit but a chisel takes them out with no problem and a lot quicker then running an operation. I’m about 50 50, sometimes I like to just sit back and watch the machine do its work and sometimes i just want to get the piece out quick and on to the next step.

Edit: it depends on the size of the project too

This is 2ft x 1.5 ft
1/2 bit Pocket

1/8 bit Inside Profile

I wouldn’t worry about spots like this. You can take them out with a chisel.

Same with this. You can either chisel
Or run a 1/4 in inside profile.


Thanks, that’s very helpful.

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