Let's get some more threads going

I feel like we’re bunching up into a couple mega threads and there are some great ideas getting thrown around that deserve their own threads.

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Maybe threads based on topics?

M4 - Routers and Spindles

M4 - Frames

M4 - Electronics

Not set in stone, just some ideas


I would like to see a thread about different materials and bits people are using with theIr Maslow4. Perhaps a table for reference. I am thinking various plastics, aluminum, copper. And wood products , species. Best cutting speeds, or settings in general. I am new to CNC routing. Sorry if I missed this if it is already here somewhere, in which case a pointer would be appreciated. Thank You!

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I know there have been some discussions along those lines back when the original Maslows got past their initial, just-trying-to-get-the-calibration-to-work phase. I don’t know that they are particularly organized, just one person posting what feed/speed they used on one material at a time. You are absolutely right that a summary of what works would be very useful. In fact, I’d like to add something like that to the wiki.

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There were a couple of posts about feed and speeds, chiploads, etc a few weeks
ago, please repost those to the wiki (or link to them)

David Lang


Good idea. I linked the entire Routers and bits that can be usted on the maslow 4 thread.

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