Looking for some Bit recommendations

Going to be making a series of boxes I use for work that I would like to engrave my logo onto and I was wondering if anyone could give me a recommendation for some good bits to use? I am running a ridged R2200 which I believe accepts a 1/8" and a 1/4" shank.

If anyone could share some links to trusted bits I would very much appreciate it.


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If anyone has bits that they like from Amazon feel free to list them in the Community Garden Market with your referral link and get paid for doing nothing every time someone buys them :smiley:

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Thanks @bar! Very kind of you!

Not a recommendation.
This will arrive 3rd Jan.

What i read here is happiness with 1/8" and guess it will make a difference to the big bits (5mm+) i’ve tested.

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Those look like great bits but not for engraving. these are the type of bits I use accept I use the ones from bosch which are fantastic.

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I missed that, sorry. 90° or 45° is what you are looking for I guess.
2D engraving is no issue.
A 20° bit like this and for fonts that require 3D, the feedrate of Z has to be correct for your Z-axis i think.

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I saw this popup in my Google newfeed and thought it was worth sharing.


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I’ve had a lot of success from engraving tools I’ve bought at www.precisebits.com. I think I had originally seen the link for their website in the Maslow Wiki.

I’ve used a couple different tools from this page:

This was a test I did with a few different bits and cut settings. The top two engravings are with their 60* engraving tool:

And the final result (with that same 60* tool) on my Z-axis gusset:


Beware! - I have seen in other forums not to blindly accept V bits. Often the angle is off. You should measure and adjust the V bit angle. I think the user that I saw on you tube last year was in Vcarve pro - Adjusting the angle gave truer output.

Free advice -

Thank you

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