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Looking to buy a maslow kit in Canada

Looking to buy a kit, preferably with Z-Axis. Please let me know what is available!

There are no maslow suppliers in Canada.

The 3 suppliers are:
East Bay Source
and Metalmaslow

Each has a different variation and pricing.

You could try to source all the parts seperately, or you might luck out and find a used one locally.

Hi IansBricks,

Thanks yeah trying to buy a used one is exactly what I am trying to do… thus why I posted asking in the swap meet lol.

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I’m in Seattle,WA (cross border isn’t the best these days) which isn’t too far away and have a Kickstarter maslow, with z-axis and ring kit I should sell.

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Hi Brookswillet,

Im on the opposite side of the country from BC, but I would be more than happy to pay for shipping.

Want to email me to go over details?

If you want to avoid spam-bots picking up the email address, delete it and send it as PM. On a public Forum that can be read without an account, be careful :wink:

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lol Gero, thanks. I’m actually in the IT industry too and had considered that… but couldn’t find the way to PM him through the website. I’ll have another look. Thanks for looking out =D

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Click on the name, there should be a Message button

I’ve sent a private message. :slight_smile:

I waited until MakerMade had a deep discount for Father’s day to order mine. By the time I paid shipping and duties/GST/whatever it was, it still came in at less than the normal cost of the kit.

If you hold out, I bet they will offer a Christmas sale soon enough.

Also, there are a few services that let you ship to a border town in the states, they bring it over for a nominal fee that is way less than FedEx (or other courier). It was $150 in duties from fedex. It should have been way less.

I have a Maslow with Z axis kit for sale, I live in ON and will pay for shipping.