Lunux how to guide

Does anyone have a good Linux How to Guide? I have read and reread the online Makerverse stuff and I cant make heads or tails of it. I am a Linux novice. I have an original Maslow with a Meticulous Z. I was running Makerverse ok on it until my comport issues with my laptop. So my son and I have been sharing a laptop one way or another the Maslow wont connect to the laptop. It was comport 3 now looking for 4. Maybe I shut down Makerverse wrong or him connecting an ESP32 to the laptop messed things up. So I grabbed an old Desktop PC and installed Lubuntu on it.
So then whats next? Do i need to install the Docker? Where do I put the Makerverse files? The PC will be in my garage and I don’t ever plan on connecting it to the network/internet unless I absolutely need to. Can I move gcode files from the windows PC to the linux pc with a thumb drive?
Thanks everyone.

the makerverse linux download is here.

From that download site on github, you can navigate to the makerverse page and a few clicks will take you to the installation page here.

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I dabbled a little with this myself while attempting to debug an issue. I don’t know if I could claim that it’s good but you can find some pointers here (search for “computing platform”).

Best of luck with it !

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