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M2 Laser Module

We’re just a few weeks from launching the laser module for the M2, so I wanted to start sharing everything the team has been up to, getting this thing ready for production.

The unit mounts inside the standard 91mm router clamp and aligns the lens precisely to where the bit would be, so there’s no adjusting the z axis location to center it. Just loosen the 2 clamp bolts and swap one for the other.

The one in the pics is a 2.8W JTech unit. We’re still considering whether the 7W is worth the extra $ for users. Any thoughts on that front from those with laser experience?

Lots more pics to come. Hit me up if you have any questions

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Shots from our power / speed tests

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looks neat, hopefully someone will figgure out how to use a less expensive laser to bring the price down. $900 is a bit high. maybe talk to these guys who make open source cnc machines about how they got thier 7w laser made in house?
Sienci LaserBeam Laser System – Preorder | Sienci Labs


Yeah the 2.8W will only be $300 if you buy it with the M2, but for sure the goal is to bring the price down. Higher wattage will allow us to move closer to milling speed than current 20-ish in/min. Otherwise the engraving comes out a bit light for large projects (tough to see)

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