Mounting J-Tech Dual Pro 14 watt laser

Bought a J-Tech 14 watt laser with the spindle mount but decided it was a tad too tight of a fit so I 3D printed a new mount. Was working great till my DUE board took off for Mexico.

This mount fits in place of the Bosch Colt router. Eventually, will make have separate sleds for CNC and laser.


Looks great! How well does it burn images?

I was kind of skeptical on the laser due to the maslow’s slow speed.

Works fine, I was mostly going to use it for cutting 5mm plywood. You can engrave, just use lower power settings for the slower speed,

Man, I’ve been thinking about doing this! Can you share your experience with this laser? How fast are you able to travel? Are you getting much scorch with said speed? You able to cut that 5mm ply with one pass or are you doing a few passes? Would love to see some pictures of what you did cut before the board went on vacation :smiley:

Also, can you share your 3d print file. If I go to scoop this up, it’d be nice to stand on the shoulders of pre-existing art :pray: