Made on Maslow Magazine - Guru Corner

I have offered a page in the first issue to @dlang to fill with words of wisdom. He is asking for subjects as he prefers to have the task set upon him this way. I’m opening it to our users to tell us what you would like to see written about. The point of the magazine is to be an extension of our community and possibly reach out and bring people in that would not otherwise find the Maslow. It is meant to represent our Community, so I’m looking for input.

Thank you

I would like to hear an opinion about how to best facilitate having everyone work together on a collaborative project like this. What are we doing well, and what can we continue to work on?


Perphaps there could be a foreword or interview from/with Bar about his original inspiration and what he what he would like to see in the future.
Right now people are interested in building Maslow, setting up, calibration and how projects get created and useable Gcode.
It would nice to hear how some of the different style builds are working out. Have a couple of projects from concept to finish with different design software and skills and tips with the Maslow.