Magazine Loader *Moved*

I’m a non gun owner who is very sensitive to the horrible tragedies happening in the news. With that said, I see absolutely nothing wrong with a law-abiding gun enthusiast posting something that he’s working on and sharing it with it other law-abiding gun owners. I hate it when 99.9999% of people have to pay for the actions of a few criminals. Think about that the next time you’re standing in the TSA line at the airport…


Hey guys, I appreciate all the positive feedback you have given me on this project but at the moment, I think it would be best if I removed this post until there is a more appropriate platform to post projects such as this. For now, if you want to keep updated on the project send me a private message that way the site can remain kid friendly until we come up with a solution and the people who want to be involved in version 2 still can.

Thanks again everyone!


I think it’s been a good thing to have this discussion, and especially to have
this discussion on such a simple thing.

The discssion will need to happen at some point, and mostly the discussion has
been polite and respectful.


sending you a PM.

The only thing worse than censorship is self censorship.

Im really sorry but im new to the forum and I cant figure out how to PM you. Would you be able to PM me? Im interested in the file for this project. Thank You!