August 30th Kickstarter Update

The August 30th Wednesday update is posted! Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts:


Just a quick thought regarding the sled’s rigidity: If you try and make it “good enough” on the nylon sled, it’s probably going to end up much better on the polycarbonate sled. I think your top supports idea is probably worth implementing even if the polycarbonate sled ends up being “good enough” without it.

The switch to linear rails would be pretty cool, but I think it’d probably end up in the “new car” price range over all the orders…

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small linear rails are not that pricy, but I do wonder about their survivability
in the fine dust around a maslow. I would look at 8020 style rails and either
wheels or recirculating bearings along the lines of

I have a CAD model of them at

which works pretty well (you can get 5/16 or 3/8 bearings really cheap if you
look on Amazon for slingshot ammo)

while the aluminum rails are soft enough that grit may end up getting embedded
in them over time, they are cheap to replace and available in many widths to
be able to get a wide enough base to make them solid.

I would also love to see a pattern available that would let us make our own sled
and fasten the mechanism on top of it. It’s not an out-of-the-box operational
system at that point, but it would let us use UHMD plastic (aka cutting boards)
for something slick or metal for doing a version with a plasma cutter instead of
a router.

David Lang