Maker CAM Issues

Let me start by saying Im new to the CNC world. My main issue at this time is that when I Open MakerCam I only get a partial screen in the top and I can’t figure out how to make it fill the Computer screen so I see all of my options to run the software.

Also knowing that Flash is dead software, any other thoughts on a better solution.


Yup, this one.
I’ve had a minor problem with scaling of the drawing from one CAD program to Estcam to GC. However LibraCAD worked much better

Is this paid version better than something I can get free? I can’t open Maker Cam


a lot of people like it. From what I’ve seen it looks good

there is a copy of makercam running on the maslowcnc site (as the main makercam
website has been broken). Makercam is abandonware, the author moved on to other
things (and it’s written if flash, which is on it’s way out.

you can also use kiri moto which is free.

David Lang

Thank you

estlcam has a trial that works fine besides having a nag screen and not being able to save profiles I think, so just try out the free trial to see if you like it!

Has anyone used Inkscape?

Yes, personally I don’t like it because it’s too hard to fix dimensions, but
others have used it with success.

There is a wiki entry on how to use it. It works if you pay close attention to your measurement units on the page and your scale values if you are importing / exporting files.

I tried the EstlCAM with 64 bit but its not set up for use with a iOS, are there other alternatives. Ive been out of this for about a year so working on getting things fired up again. I had been using Onshape for design, but have also used a couple other programs like Inkscape to work into SVG files, it doesn’t look like Kiri Moto supports SVG, is there an alternate solution to this? Maybe rendering the complete design in Onshape when exporting a STL file?

you can actually add the kiri:moto app in onshape, it becomes a new tab in your
item and you can do the cad there directly.

David Lang

Really, ill work through that as is sounds awesome. I had been using Inkscape to generate fonts as onshape only has maybe 10. I think I might have gotten the alpha for Inkscape to work on my MacBook running Catalina.