MakerCam is no more, what now

makercam uses flash and flash dies officially on the 29th!

so what is everyone else using now?

Easel (from inventables) and Carbide Create (from Carbide3D) both have usable free versions and are (arguably) much more capable than MakerCam. Interestingly, CC is from the current company of MakerCAM’s programmer (for proper credit, derived from PartKAM). CC (it’s what I use most of the time, although I’m currently limited to a 3018) includes v carving, easel nickels and dimes you for it.

@MetalMaslow had a great deal on Estlcam, which is pretty handy for 3D and v carving. So is the free Kiri:moto, fewer options than Estlcam which can sometimes be a good thing. Of course Maslows aren’t a great 3D carvers (they excel at 2.5D for sheet goods), especially if you have a slower Z axis, but they are way better than a mallet and old screwdriver :slight_smile:


We use flash at my work and we’ve learned that Adobe embedded a kill switch in the flash plugin, so if your computer date shows later than 12 Jan 21 the plugin won’t run. You can work around this by setting your computer’s date back, or running an older version of the flash plugin.

Are there any stand-alone Flash players which continue to work?

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Maybe, but to be honest MakerCAM isn’t that great anymore. There are many better choices these days.

I forget KrabzCAM, check that out too.

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I was just curious, as I have some other Flash stuff, that I’d like to keep using.

For Maslow, I use inkscape plus Easel. Works great. I especially like Easel’s ability to have multiple workplaces of the same item. Great for running multiple jobs off of the same piece of wood.