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Carbide Create software

Just got an email from Carbide3d (makers of the shapoko cnc) that they are letting ppl download and use their software free of use. The software Carbide Create can be downloaded and used to export Gcode, I like it because unlike easel this can be used while offline. I haven’t actually used it yet but there are some tutorials to get you going. Just go to and give them an email address for a download link. Hope this helps someone :slight_smile:

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just to note, this is 2d design software, which is probably fine for things we
build with the maslow, but it’s not 3d CAD

Never said it was a 3d cad software the company’s name is Carbide3d. Seeing as this is a cnc forum I felt it was relevant.

Never said it was a 3d cad software the company’s name is Carbide3d. Seeing as this is a cnc forum I felt it was relevant.

I’m not disagreeing with any of that, but since the company name includes 3D,
but the software isn’t, I figured it was worth mentioning.

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If anyone has experience with this app, please add your MaslowCNC usability/experience to the CAD wiki page.


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Just installed the windows version via crossover on Linux and had a look. For the work area you can only choose between the 4 shapoko CNCs. The largest area you can desing on is 33’x33” / 838x838mm :frowning:

Bummer :frowning: I guess you can still use it for designs that fit that size but then again why bother learning to use it if it doesn’t support your everyday needs. I did download it and I’ve used it with my other CNC just fine, and it’s a nifty little piece of software. I’ll see if I can get around emailing them and asking if they can create a “custom” machine setting that will allow larger designs. Software wise it shouldn’t be that big of a deal but seeing as this is a free software and it doesn’t really help their cause I might fall on deaf ears.

It’s still a good find and can be useful for several projects that don’t have bigger parts. It’s always advisable to have the parts separated in different .nc files and with GroundControl we can set 0,0 anywhere on the sheet. I also have a Desktop-CNC, so for sure I’m going to play around with it. I like free stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Edit 27th Jul: The limitation of the software for ‘Stock Size’ only affects the grid. You can design bigger parts. The simulation will not show, but the G-Code is created. My test was to create a cut of a square in size of a plywood sheet. I can confirm that I see values for X of 2400mm and Y 1220mm in the G-Code. That I don’t have the grid is secondary for me, as I still can position parts via the coordinates. The G-Code looks strange to me, will see after work what the 2 simulators I have can make out of it. The fastest from idea to gcode (2D/2.5D) I have seen so far. Second confirmed platform, macOS Sierra.

Edit: 27thJul/2: The snap to grid still works far out of the drawn workspace. Tested by setting the grid on 100mm and watch the object jump coordinates in 100mm increments while dragging.


Anyone use this lately? I can’t get the gcode to show up in GC

Change the .nc to .gcode and see if it loads.

Nope no go.
Also Estlcam outputs .nc and they load fine.


Ended up taking the project to Estlcam cam and redoing it.