Maslow 4 - mainboard "case" protection

In the videos, it appears the controller “rides” on top of the router. I’ve not found some up-close images of how it’s mounted on the router’s topside.

  • Is there consideration for additional protection from situations such as: impacts, flying debris, flopping over due to a belt breaking, etc.? Possibly some CAD/STL to 3D print additional protection? I would be inclined to put silicon, rubber, or some other “hood” partially over it to reduce dust & cruft build up on the board.

  • Is it worth considering using some silicon standoffs or springs like that on 3D printer beds to help absorb vibrations and other jolts.

Thanks for a brand new Maslow. Cheers.

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Is it possible that you were seeing some older pictures of the prototype which had an exposed PCB? In the current version it is fully enclosed and should be pretty safe.

I’m looking forward to finding out what additional gpio and other breakouts will be appearing. (Fingers crossed for i2c.)

I suspect I’ll be remixing the main board cover’s model for those additional user modifications off those gpio/breakouts. :slight_smile:

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