Control Board Housing

Did not feel like this belonged in the projects folder as it was not built on the Maslow.

I needed a case to hold the Mega + shield and with the arrival of the V1.1 board, I decided to make one.

I want to share my solution and see how everyone else is handling this aspect.

Here are a few photos of the finished project. There are a few things that I would change and I think that I will make a Maslow friendly version that is actually cut on the machine.

Only issue encountered was that the V1.0 boards and the V1.1 boards have different plug position. This resulted in me creating 4 lids to get it correct. (Mostly the result of user error and perfectionism)…


That’s much more refined than my solution!

I found a quick and dirty Arduino Mega 2560 mount on Thingiverse, and 3D printed it.

This is the one I’ve used:

Here’s a picture of it mounted on the backside of the Maslow.


Note the highly engineered strain relief (power cord is in desperate need of some), and current lack of a dust collection system.


On our robot, some items are strain-relieved by ecosing them in a blob of hot glue. Not pretty, but it works!