Maslow cnc slowing down randomly

Marlow is randomly slowing down when cutting parts. I checked the gcode and it is set to a constant feedrate so it seems like it would have to be caused by something in the firmware. Does anyone know if it could be due to firmware?
I have written some gcode processing scripts to detect corners and slow the machine down. This was to experiment with speeding the maslow up but i HAVE NOT been running my gcode through these scripts. I find it extremely strange that the machine is randomly slowing down with a constant federate set. Anyone know? The random slow downs are almost a dead stop. The machine never used to do that. The feedrate was set at 800.


The maslow also has a limit to how many g-code commands per second it can
process. check the g-code where it slows down and I’ll bet you find that it has
lots of tiny moves

there is aa gcode cleaner project here that will go through the g-code and
simplify it (in many cases eliminating tiny moves) that could help

David Lang

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Ill keep an eye out for that. thanks

Md8n’s gcodeclean (see topics on this forum) will fix the common issue of many CAM programs converting arcs into very many short line segments. Never quite understood why so many CAM programs do that since gcode arc support is very common and more better.

I just discovered and reported a bug in the conversion, although it may only affect kiri:moto output. It should be fixed shortly

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