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Maslow CNC with the frame and extras for sale | Sydney Australia

Hi all,

I am selling Maslow CNC with the frame, Ridgid router and 230V/110V transformer so you can use it in Australia.
The frame has been upgraded. Top and bottom panels have been added, which allow to cut very close to the edge of sheet. Also the top beam has been reinforced for rigidity.

• The Maker Made kit $720 AU
• Router $260 AU
• GSD 2000W transformer $80 AU
• Frame materials +plus time to build the frame >$100 AU

• Maslow triangulation linkage kit (never used it)
• Laptop stand
• Extra chain
• Extra bits
Selling the whole lot for $700 AU
The Maslow is located in Sydney Northern Beaches, you are welcome to come and see it running.

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