Complete Maslow For Sale Atlanta GA

Full 4x8 Wood frame, and Maslow kit with Z-axis, using the recommended Rigid router with 1/4” upcut bit. Would love a local pick up deal or I can break it all down and trash the frame, I need more room in my shed and this takes up to much room right now. Best offers considered! $450 OBO.

This set up has only been used a handful of times, I’m now looking for $400 and may soon cut down the frame and just sell the Maslow and Router and skip trying to sell the frame, thoughts?

facebook marketplace or forums might see more action.

ebay and craigslist are also possibilities.

contact local maker spaces and offer it for sale to them or their users. A big city like atlanta should have no problem selling locally IMHO.

Are you still trying to sell this? And would you be willing to ship to Portland, OR? I just want the kit, maybe the router if the price is right.

Sure, I would need to get a quote for shipping it since it’s probably pretty heavy in general, I have no problem sending it separate without frame and with router if you want. $400? Plus shipping, let me know your thoughts, cheers!

UPS flat rate shipping is going to be cheapest. Most people don’t know about it, but anyone can ship this way on thier website, no account needed.

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Ok let me get the price for shipping figured out, but does $400 for the Maslow sound good to you?

I’m going to need to pull all the pieces off the game and figure out the size box I should use to safely wrap it all up. You needing this thing ASAP or just showing some interest?

I went ahead and broke down the Maslow frame and will just be selling the Maslow kit with router. $400 plus shipping thanks!

Phil, I knew but I found this thread from the other one. I don’t know how to send a private message. Do you know what the shipping would be to 64083.

I think you’re asking prices quite Fair including the router!

Hey I need to weight it all and get a box to know what shipping would cost, I’ll figure that out tomorrow for you if your still interested?

Absolutely. Let me know!

I’m boxing it up right now with good cushion etc, making sure everything is packed well before weighing. Let you know soon the ship cost.