Maslow cut spice rack

Here is a simple spice rack, cut on maslow cnc. This was a trial for me, as it was the first time using a countersink function. 3mm carbide 2 flute endmill 3mm passes with 500mm/min countersinks .25mm step down 90 degree angle and 9mm at widest point. Cut time around 4 hours. 26mm thick solid beech timber.


Great work,

What sled is that?

Thanks, its one I made myself, its 6mm stainless steel and the ring is 3mm stainless steel and larger so I can fit my home made z axis

I’m lucky enough to live just down the road from an engineering workshop that has a big cnc water jet they make a lot of equipment for the marine and wine processing industries, so always have lots of circle off cuts both the ring and the sled were in the scrap pile. So it was quite affordable to build it this way for me, as I only have to pay for the steel, no cutting costs.

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Looks great.

Accuracy is def not a problem. Have you thought about adding weights to ensure that its always up straight? Or will this not make a difference.

Yeah I have! At the moment it sits like it is in the photo there I think the vacuum hose makes it do this but I couldn’t put it out the bottom as my lead screw was in the road. Right now I’m at 23lbs 10.5kg so I’m not sure how much more weight I can add? I have some 10mm by 100mm steel flatbar that would work though.

I think go for the flatbar, but dont change something that works. I love the idea that the whole sled is one piece.

I’ll just tap the z axis baseplate and use 2 m6 machine screws then I can easily remove it if its a no go. So maximum weight of say 26lbs?

Yes, that sounds perfect. Please uodate photos when done

I’ve been busy changing my frame design today, have gone from a stock 120 inch to a 4 metre 157 inch top bar so lots of changes. I’ve cut the additional weights (4.5lbs total) so will attach them tomorrow and report back on how it cuts. But already I’m seeing major improvements in the bottom corners with the longer and higher top bar.

Nice one Sam! Did you create the stock yourself? Ie did you glue up the planks into the sheet and plane them before using the Maslow?

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Hi, I have done in the past, but this is actually a pre-made product from bunnings I did our bench top at home in this and this was an off cut. Thanks!

Awesome thanks for that link! It’s not to bad a price either. There ain’t much here where I live in Nelson but there IS a Bunnings :slight_smile: It’s hard to tell because you’ve hidden it so well with your design, but is it just plywood on the inside? For $125 for 2200x600x25 sheet I’m guessing it must be…

@macgeeknz nope its solid beech bunnings have heaps of solid timber panels I really like their blackwood panels which are only like $50-80 depending on what size you go for. Well worth a look, they also have thinner 18mm solid panels now as well in different types of timber.