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Maslow Electronics Wiring Diagram for Aux Outputs


I have a spindle speed control on my current cnc machine and I use it every time i run the machine. On a router you can also make speed control work e.g. with a product like this:
I would hope there are some more economical solutions out there for routers.


I could be wrong, but I only recall 3 or 4 people using a spindle on their maslow in this forum.
for the $155 price for the super pid you mention one can buy a 500W brushless spindle with controller, power supply and z axis. so not really an economical product.

anyways not trying to be negative, any improvements in software are welcome.


The router we are using is already variable speed. I think it would be very
interesting to look at what could be done to control that speed electronically
rather than with the knob (this may also give us a wider speed range).

I now have 3 of these routers, I may open one up to take a look at this.

David Lang


You can always build it yourself much more cost effectively:
I try to do what I can to reduce noise in my shop, so spindle it is…