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Maslow for Sale Berkeley, CA

I purchased the maslow in 2018, but never used it, no place to build the frame. It’s for sale now. Contact me at if you are interested. Sorry has to be picked up here in the Bay Area.

Robin Senour

@Robin I’d pull your email address out of there and ask them to DM you here. From there you can share your contact info directly. Putting it out there like that will open you up to all sorts of spam!!


dunno how to do that, but haven’t had any spam either. thanks for the thought though.

Robin - all you should have to do is edit your original post and delete your email address out of that. It’s really up to you, and I’m glad to hear you have not been getting spammed. We do our best to try and take care of each other here, at least from what I’ve seen. Best of luck to you!


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