Complete Unused maslow kit for sale - SOLD

I have a complete Unused,Other than the shipping box un-opened maslow kit for sale.I thought I was going to Have a spot for it,but I Just don’t have the space to set it I might as well sell and let someone else enjoy it.
not sure if I ca ship it out of the US so I will only ship to a US address.
400.00 free shipping!

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I’m interested. Do you wanna Email me and we’ll figure out the details?

I would be interresed too but im outside of US
if you change you opinion contact me

I would suggest to consider to keep it and build it a bit smaller (or portrait style config) to fit it in the space you have available.

I am also interested. Feel Free to PM me if available.

@me_janson, @Kade: I recommend that after the deal is complete you edit your posts to eliminate your email addresses. Otherwise they will probably end up on every spam email list on the Internet.


Or just use the forum PM system. Use throw away addresses if you must list one, not one you plan to use again.

I use an email forwarder that generated random addresses for anything I post or register online for, but I’ve been fighting spammers for over 20 years, since back when I ran a regional ISP and the whole spam thing was just getting started. You’ll regret posting that address; it’s already been harvested

Hello there woofdawg. I have been working with a Makespace in PA for a number of years now and we have been dieing to get our hands on one of these kits. if it is still up for grabs we would be happy to pay the shipping on it for this chance at an extraordinary piece of equipment. please let me know via pm or email me at if it is still for sale.

Hello woofdawg, I would also be interested in purchasing the machine. Not if it is still available I am in CA


Welcome to the heavily spammed club, Matt. Hope you like those little blue pill ads, plus all the false shipping notifications with the malware payload in the links

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maybe he collects all the NSA’s troyans. :smiley:
@Matt_McConnell it’s not to late to edit your post and reduce the damage for years to come…

EDIT: that also counts for @Kade

Hi, I’m truly interested.
Just 4 questions:
1 - Is it still available?
2 - This kit has the "Z"axis?
3 - Do you accept PayPal?
4 - Can you reply me by PM?

is it still available?

The kit has been sold

Hey there daddywoofdawg. Is the router still available for sale.

Since there’s a “SOLD” on the end of the topic title, I’m guessing no.