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Maslow for sale in Germany


Last year I set up my maslow and used it a couple of times and now I’m moving and don’t have room to put the machine in.

For prices you can write me a private message, I can sell maslow with the AEG router (European version of ridgid).

I’m moving from Göttingen to Hamburg, to deliver the machine myself if it’s in a nearby area.


Im very interested, is it still available?

Yes, it’s still available.

Noch vorhanden?
Was sind deine Preisvorstellungen und was ist im Lieferumfang?

Hi there,

Since i would think you might close this thread or leave a Note, i need to ask: is IT still on Sale?

Best regards from Stuttgart

You sales only the AEG? i had a kit to mount butt still loking the router.

Pm sent

It is still available.