Maslow kits Pre-Order!

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Wooo!! It’s so exciting to see these available! Great work!

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Hello All.

I just ordered the kit and I’m so excited to get it. I want to verify that the “classic kit” that is currently shipping comes with the metal ring and carriage bracket design?



Correct. The classic kit includes the ring and zaxis components.

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Hi, totally new to this but wanted to enquire if the free shipping worldwide shipping is still available. Im heading over to the forums to learn more.

I’m pretty sure the free shipping ran out a while ago

Hi Tim,

Yeah, free shipping was on the first 150 kits, which sold out last month. Currently, we’re doing a flat $50 ship cost, and for every kit commit from now through Monday, we’re giving $25 to support STEM education for kids! Hope this helps.


Wow, $50 for shipping what fits in a $15 flat rate USPS BOX? Ok… Thanks…

@TopoGigio hey thanks for the response. We are actually air shipping from our consolidation point overseas in order to meet a delivery date of December that was requested by Maslow. The flat ship box is more or less the cost for the last mile, once it hits the US. Hope that helps!