Maslow to cut an Arcade cabinet

I am about to have a couple of Arcade cabinets cut from plans at a cost of around $200 each locally. I ran across the Maslow and am considering purchasing it and doing them myself. I have a shop and plenty of woodworking experience and am a systems engineer during the day so the computer side should not be a problem.

My question is will the Maslow cut something like this without major problems and be accurate enough? I have read a few posts about inaccuracy as the cuts get to the outer edge of the plywood.

I will be using the plans from this web page and will use mostly 3/4 birch plywood. The plans are in Vcarve Pro as well as .dxf CAD file.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated! I can see myself using the Maslow for many other projects but want to make 100% sure it will work for the main project.

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Hi, the Maslow is in development and constantly (weekly) improving.
I believe we have users that have their machine dialled in accurate enough for Arcade cabinets.
Your CAD/CAM skills are another variable to consider. Each sheet of ply might variate slightly in thickness, so you need to be able to adjust your drawings to account for that, so that interlocking parts will fit.



Welcome to our group. The Maslow is a tool. Specifically a CNC tool. All CNC has a learning curve. The Maslow is intended to enable some to enter into CNC at a hobby at level. It can do many great things. It depends on what you want to put into it.

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This is a great question and I have the exact some one. I have tried to find a local CNC router to be used for plans on the and unsuccessful in finding one that is reasonable in price and willing to do the work. The Maslow would be “ideal” if it worked well with the plans on this site and if the DXF and VCarve plans could be easily converted to work with the Maslow in a “plug and play” fashion. I hope someone is willing to try this and perhaps post their g-code converted plans based on the success of the Maslow in getting the pieces cut. It would be amazing to have the Maslow able to cut arcade cabinet CAD files and to have access to a database of noted successful g-code files for the Maslow users to be able to cut the pieces to spec. Please let me know if you get any other feedback or if you choose to move forward with attempting to use the Maslow with the website files. I would also really like to consider this option as well before making a purchase of the Maslow!


Welcome to the group. Where are you located? I looked at this a while ago and was considering making a cabinet. I don’t have space so it’s been on the back burner for a few years.

I think it quite doable on a Maslow. If it’s good enough to make a boat I’m sure an Arcade cabinet is within reach.

So let’s start with where your located to see if we have a Maslownian near by.

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dxf is a common source format, finding a CAM program to create the g-code to cut
it out should not be hard, and the maslow has the size to do it.

David Lang

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FWW - I’m working on testing Meshcam. It looks like it would do DFX.

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This was going to be my first project the one sheet arcade cabinet or better know as the vigolix

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Thanks for the reply. I am located in North Dakota. If Meshcam will do DFX - does that mean a DFX file could be converted directly into a g-code that Maslow can use? To reference above, I don’t want my CAM skills to be a factor as I don’t have any as a beginner. Before getting better at it; I would like to start with files that will work with Maslow “out of the box” and completely accurate. Ultimately, the hope was a few members would take a run at converting the CAD files to the appropriate g-code files for Maslow and see how it works. As a beginner - it would be great to see how this works and the software best suited to do it. I hope this conversation keeps going!

I also have a CAD file for a cocktail arcade cabinet that I received from someone that has a 32" screen and is three sided; I really like the concept and thought it would be “easy” to take to someone and have it cut on a 4x8 CNC router. Well, it didn’t turn out that way and still sitting with the file. Is anyone willing to take a look at it and see if it can be converted to a g-code or something that would be used by the Maslow? It would be an easy sell for me if I could get this file to work with the Maslow as I would love to get this cut and then use for other projects. If someone is willing to take a look at it to see what it would take to make into a g-code accepted by the Maslow and make it “full-proof” - I would greatly appreciate it! It can also be shared with the community for anyone that wants to use it. Thanks.

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I Like To Make Stuff made an arcade cabinet a while ago. Check out his website and YouTube channel. As stated above, if a Maslow can cut out boat parts, then a properly calibrated one will be able to cut out cabinetry with no problem. The power to take small production runs into your own hands is what the maker movement is all about.

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I sent you a PM - regarding getting it cut. I’m still working on getting a workflow I like. However I would be willing look at or process the files or get one of my peeps to help if i screw it up - lol

Thank you

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We cut 4 last week with the Maslow


Nice! Also on the to do list. It will be a mortal combat themed cabinet :slight_smile:
My major concern is the paint job. How are you going to tackle that one?
And how did you mount the buttons and joystick? It seems you didn’t make a metal piece for it, but mounted them directly onto the wood?

Ya just get one of those and they fit 30mm holes EG STARTS Classic Arcade Contest DIY Retropie Cabinet Kits USB Encoder to Joystick PC Games + Chrome Plating LED Illuminated Push Button 1 & 2 Player Coin Buttons For Mame Raspberry Pi Game Project

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You just need 1/2 In. Screw’s and L brackets