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Question about cutting full size arcade cabinets

Hello everyone! I’m brand new here and need some advice.

I’m going to start building some full size arcade cabinets for my game room here pretty soon and I’m about to invest in some quality tools for my shop. Looking at getting a sawstop, nice large workbench, etc. I have extensive knowledge of how to work on / fix arcades and would like to build them from scratch myself. I’ll be using plans from and I noticed they have plans for CNC cuts on their website.

I’d like to go ahead and invest in a CNC machine but don’t know the first thing about them. I saw that people here were recommending the Maslow to do the cuts and I have a few questions.

  1. I’m assuming people here have used the Maslow to cut plans like that, how well does it work? 2. If I’m cutting out larger panels like the ones listed on that arcade website, which kit do I want to buy? I saw several different CNC kits on the website and didn’t know the differences between them. 3. How difficult is it for someone like me with no knowledge of how CNC machines work to learn and get started?

TY in advance for the help!!