New here need help

I came across maslow a few months ago. And recently it just back out at me. Considering this as on option for my cutting needs and any input would be appreciated. Looking to use maslow to cut speaker cabinets. With that being said i would nead to utilize and entire sheet 4x8 of mdf or plywood. I have seen that sometimes its inaccurate in the corners of the field of cut. Is there a work around? Is this not a good option for me. And is anyone here in central arkansas

yeah, use a 12’ top beam instead of a 10’ top beam. I’m just did that very thing and mine is cutting great in the bottom corners. Search “big maslow” here for more info.

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The first thing to be aware of with the Maslow is that it is not a turnkey solution. It will require building it, calibrating it, tweaking it, and maintaining it more so than a commercial solution, but the big plus is that it costs a fraction of a commercial solution for the size of the cutting area. If you are ready for that level of involvement, I think you’ll be pleased with it.

I built mine nearly a year ago and haven’t had much time to play with it, but that is just because of my situation. Having just made my first cuts this past weekend, I can tell you that it is really cool to see it working and actually making something.

Best of luck and hope you decide to take the plunge.

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