Maslow4 - how to do bit changes?

I think the expectation is that most people will only see the maslow tab (other
than for initial setup)

the first tab is there from the fluidnc base that this code started from, but I
don’t think that there is any expectation that normal users will touch it.

David Lang

I’ll think on that… there may be options for using the same or similar component over on the maslow tab.

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Changing 1/4" bits and zeroing on Kobalt router till we get a sensor working.

The movement range I have measured on my unit works out to ~60mm.
This is from the top stop till the spindle lock is about to crash into the Plexiglas dust cover.
First I move the router up till it almost hits the stops, +20mm for me. From there I can remove the bit and replace it from the side. I make sure it is well extended.

With the collet nut just snugged up I lower the router 20mm pressing the bit into the spindle. Then just tighten the nut from the side. This is my zero.

If I am over a hole I slide in a sheet of plastic to give me a surface to push on.

I do miss that auto zero.

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