Maslowcnc webcontrol stopped in middle of cut

how do i use the “go to” and line # square to restart my cut

Remember line #
Click stop
Type line# into box
Click go to
Click play

You might also need to rerun the first few lines of the file which set things like if the file is in inches or mm

Thanks I will try that

How are the defaults determined? So far i did correctly continue cuts a couple of times without running the “first few lines”.

it’s less a matter of defaults and more ‘the last setting that the firmware saw’

sometimes you can get away without it, sometimes you can’t. The smarter your
CAM software is and the more complex the part, the more likely you are to run
into grief.

David Lang

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it was a fairly large decorative cut . Plus its running on an old computer that is running at 95% to 100% CPU

the old computer would just cause it to be slower if it can’t feed the gcode
lines fast enough.

if you re doing things like changing tools, needing different feed rates at
different points, or combining different images together, the more advanced CAM
software could change some of the parameters.

If you are always working in one system (inches or metric) with the same bit at
the same feed rate, you are more likely to get away not having to replay the
non-movement codes.

David Lang

Thanks for your help. I’m new to Maslow.

This is the big one. One of the first lines in a file tells the machine if the numbers are in inches or mm. The machine powers up in mm, but there is a button to switch between the two if you need to.

i would like to get a used computer just for my maslow, any suggestion of the minimum requirements

for running WebControl, I would get a Pi3 or Pi4 (Pi3 struggles running
webcontrol and a browser)

for being a keyboard/mouse/display, pretty much anything will work. It just
needs to run a browser.

Now, if you are talking about doing CAD on the machine, it depends on what CAD
you use, and the sky is the limit.

David Lang


thanks for advice, as you can tell i am new to maslow, i cant set the z axis to remember 0 or new home position, it always goes back to too deep, i click on z axis and click up until i get it where i want it and click memory zero, and click close. next i click the home button, but it immediately goes back to the too deep position, help please jim

It sounds like you are doing the right thing.

After you click the z-axis zero button do you see the z-axis position as zero on the digital readout?

Sounds like my old z axis that had a mind of its own.

What kind of z do you have?
I’d bet a stock router z axis…

If so save yourself the headache and upgrade it.
Removes a lot of problem variables.

Is the “too deep” position the travel height so it doesn’t lightly cut as it moves?