Mdf designs feasibility

Hi, this is my first post. I want to experiment with maslow cnc, Please let me know whether, maslowcnc is able to cut the above type of designs on 4’ X 8’ mdf board.

Thank you.

That seems like good fit for the Maslow. You would need to extend your motors out and fine tune everything to be able to cut accurately near the edges.

you wont’ get sharp corners in your second design because the bit is round that makes the cuts. all of those sharp corners will be very slightly rounded. smallest bit i recommend is 4mm so a 2mm radius is what you wind up with. not vernoticible, but not sure how anal you might be :slight_smile:

add an extra $150 to your budget for a really good dust collection system. MDF dust is particularly fine and nasty
Also those designs require hundreds of up and down z axis movements. the stock Z axis is very slow, you will want to upgrade it to a faster motor which will decrease cut time about 50%. $30 for faster motor and $120 for cnc type c beam z axis using spindle or small palm router.


You’ll also need to build a “skirt” around your work piece on the frame so that the sled is supported way out on the edges. If there is nothing there, it will have a tendency to fall off, tip or perform badly.

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