Linear top rail?

New (old dude) to cnc stuff and have been looking at diy systems for cutting out nested plywood parts from 4x8. I think I have read about Every thread on the net in the past couple months.

The hinged wall frame and compact nature of the maslow is appealing. The corner issues not as much. Some of the other options out there sound good until you research them. I would build a steel frame as I have plenty of square stock.

So my question, in line with some of the gantry mods out there… as many have moved to a 12’ top bar to increase corner accuracy, could you use the same wider top bar for a linear bearing and motor towards a hybrid system? Keeping a Maslow type sled which rides on the material. The gantry could have a 3-4’ width triangulated arm to add rigidity. Hinged to allow raising.

Your patience is appreciated, lol

Like a lowrider or a panel saw? I’ve seen posts that both have been done.

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More panel with just top guides spaced further apart and a floating bottom. The lowrider did not look very robust to me and slower.

I could be overthinking this as you don’t want big loads on the small bits, i.e. a 3hp router and high feed rate.

I am just starting to learn cad software and will mock something up and look at panel saw maslows

there are hundreds of ideas/topics for improving the machine, Small changes are fine, but big changes require a Master degree in Geek, which involves making new circuit boards and firmware. most people that need accuracy higher than 1/16 buy a different machine. Most projects don’t use the whole sheet at once so cutting half of the 4x8 in the middle and then cutting the other half is easier. Moving over the sheet and recutting might take a minute or two, out of a several hour long cut.

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