Metal Maslow Frame Build

I finished this frame about a month and a half ago but I’ve been fairly busy so I haven’t been able to really use it, or show it off. The frame is made out of 1.5 x 1.5 steel tubing, 14 gauge wall if I remember correctly. I bought some cheaper casters from Harbor Freight to make it easier to move around.

There are definetly some things I would do different about this frame but I like it enough to not redo it right now. This has the z axis kit installed, and the linkage kit installed. I just now added weight (I attempted to run without any so I threw a big block of aluminum on it) so I’m hoping to get some better cuts around the edges and to prevent my sled from rotating. If you have any questions about the frame, just let me know.


I absolutely love it!

Great work.

Thank you

The electrical box is temporary, hoping to make something out of wood, just wanted to find a simple way for the time being to keep dust off the heatsinks.

This is an amazing build! Congrats!
I guess to the square tubes there is no flex on the motor arms?
It look rock solid. Your cuts look spot on.

beautiful build! Wish I had that kind of space in my workshop

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Hi Type,

I really like your frame design. Would you happen to have cut lengths and a drawing? I would like to make a frame similar in design.


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The frame is very solid! I haven’t been able to flex it even if I wanted to.

Sadly this shop space isn’t my own, it belongs to the robotics team I’m involved with so during the off season, I store my stuff in that bag since mine is a couple doors down.

And I remember I modeled this up in CAD but I believe I somewhat winged the frame. I can go through my files and attempt to find it. If not, I can get measurements and make some quick drawings.


That would be awesome! After looking more closely at your pictures, the 4x8 frame looked straight forward it’s the other areas that I’m uncertain: angled motor mounts, rolling based, etc. A pencil drawing would be just fine. My plan is to mock this design in CAD for my own reference.

Sorry, I do not have my Maslow kit yet as my order will be part of the February shipment. I’m just trying to prepare for when the kit does arrive. Thank you for sharing your design. Any helpful tips for improving your design are greatly appreciated as well.



take a look at the frame layouts I have in onshape

they are in wood (but with a unistrut top beam on alternate 2 (see the version
button in the top left to swich to different versions) but they will give you
some ideas

we are arriving at the conclusion that the angled arms of the original maslow
design are not as good as a design that has a straight beam between the
motors. Even when the entire frame is metal, there will be more flex with the
original ‘wing’ design than with a ‘top beam’ design.